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Thursday, March 9, 2017

madden mobile hack 2017

Posted by glory bently | 5:34 AM Categories:
When I think of memorable games, names such as GoldenEye 007, Metal Gear Solid or Grand Theft Auto III cross over my head, but I would never have known them without first experiencing arcadia sports titles. In fact, the first game I tested was Pole Position. An aunt used to have it installed on her work computer and, as soon as I put her hands on it, I fell in love. It was a shame that this aunt was uncomfortable with my presence in her study and forbade me to enter again, but the "damage" was done. From that point on, my life would always be oriented towards video games and today, almost 20 years away, I must give a game of arcadia a good part of the responsibility of what I am professionally speaking and also as a gamer.

This was not the only sporting title of the style that marked me. I also have in mind the memory of a Saturday morning in Arcadia with my mom playing Daytona USA and one Sunday afternoon laughing with the punches and the avalanches of Cool Boarders.

It is then that I owe those titles more than I have granted. Not the Call of Duty, not the Zelda, not the Mario. In my case it was arcadia or fantasy sports games that ignited the passion for video games ... but the times changed and today, listening to something like FIFA Street or even Burnout is practically a miracle. Where the hell were the titles of street sports and, already entered into the subject, what happened with all Arcadia style sports games, those that put fun above realism, allowed fantasy plays, broke the rules of physics and scored To a whole generation of players? I enjoy realism more, but definitely, there is some nostalgia when I think of that subgenre.

It was enough that they retained only the essential features of the sport they represented or were too exaggerated to recognize such games, and included from the very Pong, which was not exactly a professional tennis simulator; Arch Rivals, where the players were living on the floor; Punch Out! With their caricatured boxers and NFL Blitz with their killer tackles right up to FIFA Street with their neighborhood dribbles and fast-paced football, just to mention a handful of examples.

For generation Z, the idea of ​​a sport game that is not realistic is sure to be strange, but back in the 80's, 90's and even during the early 2000's, for every simulator of soccer, football, basketball and even hockey, There was a crazy and simple counterpart you could play without worrying too much about transfers or board tactics and, incidentally, looked more like what you practiced with your friends at recess or a Sunday afternoon in the courtyard of the house - The nails from 15 meters high or those trapped in zero gravity, of course. I remember playing "bump" with friends at break between classes and coming to my house to play NFL Street, for example. Everything was part of a set of experiences ... of a stage. And suddenly ... they were gone.

For each simulator of soccer, football, basketball and even hockey, there was a crazy counterpart
From our point of view, the origin of this genre was related to the birth of videogames and obeyed, in part, technological limitations rather than an intentional approach - unless you think that the prominence of the pixels corresponded to a kind of artistic tendency -. Wow, even the name "arcadia sports" alludes to "maquinitas", to games like Daytona USA. Another important factor was that in the dawn of the industry, perhaps the video game was seen more as a toy than a form of neutral entertainment, so it was more logical to caricature the sport and make it attractive for the little ones that provide a sober, realistic And difficult. Just take a look at the commercials of the time on YouTube to realize what the focus was. But gamers were growing and industry too.

The sunset of the subgenre was not sudden. The watershed occurred when developers began to focus more on what they could imitate reality and less on what they could exaggerate thanks to the relaxed nature of video games. FIFA International Soccer, R.B.I. Baseball or the TECMO Bowl itself are early examples of the transition. Although with limitations, they were titles that began to promote authenticity, to dispense with what broke the rules and to include names of real players and until the protocol ceremony of the flown. In some cases, the name itself betrayed them. While sports games of the Atari era were called simply "Futbol" or "Basketball", repent We began to see the first licenses and with the licenses there had to be some realism because those games already represented brands beyond the video games. Imagine an NFL game with brutal punches today does not tie with what the league tries to project, that is, an increasingly safe and socially acceptable sport, just to set an example. A lethal blow to fantasy sports games was , Unquestionably the return trip to the Midway toilet in 2009. You will see: shortly before EA did things like NBA Street and even SSX, Midway had already taken the lead with NBA Jam, NFL Blitz or Ready 2 Rumble. And, in parallel, there were titles like Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, where the goals were literally on fire; Mutant League Football, with its macabre players and Ninja Golf who had more ninja than golf. The death of Midway was symptomatic of the transformation of the industry into something too big to take risks, situation that went against the sports principles of Fantasy, which were tremendously fun, but did not usually sell as well as your childhood memories make you think. No need to go further to find a sample of the above: FIFA Street 2012 was not exactly wrong because it exceeded the Brand of 2 million copies sold, but if you compare it with FIFA 11 that came out at the same time and sold more than 10 million ... well, the thing starts to get a little uncomfortable. All NFL Street together sold less than Madden NFL 2005; F1 Race Stars with effort, reached half a million copies sold and the list goes on and on. The subgenre gained new heights thanks to the controls of movement Naturally, the subgenre gained new strength thanks to the controls of movement, with which, again Account, developers wanted to make sport a little more fun, accessible and even familiar than realistic. It was the era of Wii Sports, Kinect Sports and everything with "Sports" that was viable, familiar and dynamic.

 This trend did not last and with it came the final decline, one that only Nintendo, with much dignity, manages to interrupt for moments. Another nail in the coffin came when Electronic Arts disappeared EA Sports BIG in 2008, the subdivision that was in charge of its titles Of bizarre sports; Games like NFL Tour, Facebreaker, Shox, and so on-I guess you did not even remember any of them. Andrew Wilson, who was then in charge of the EA online part, stated in 2010 that they would continue to do such games. They came FIFA Street, the remakes SSX and NFL Blitz, and then everything was silent. It was as if both had been a last attempt to return the genre to its days of glory. For bad luck of the subgenre arcade, the increase in sales of the realistic sports games also assumed very expensive licenses and fussy licensees that today lend their name only to A publisher or 2, which completely closed the door for others with ingenious proposals or, simply, with an appetite to propose something different. And, let's face it: sports simulators without real names often carry an uphill battle. Do not you believe us? Ask Mutant Football League, which has suffered a lot to materialize or to the own PES, whose lack of licenses is increasingly evident.

 That is, perhaps some of us are interested in seeing these games crazy back, but the masses, not And the video game industry is today, more than ever, one of superlatives: giant budgets, giant risks and the need for giant sales. It is about growing, growing and growing to satisfy investors and deliver profit margins per share, not to experiment or give pleasure to a minority.

The bottom line is that with the rise of high definition in console, making titles is becoming increasingly More expensive, no matter how fanciful or stylized the models are - just take a look at recent trailers of a NBA or a FIFA installment to assimilate the magnitude of those projects, in other words, not anyone can materialize them. So, in the end, producing arcadia-style games on console probably became too cumbersome and too unprofitable to be attractive, although there are exceptions like Rocket League, which hit against all odds. Nowadays, if your formula does not fit in this scheme, you're better off trying your luck on the mobiles. The FIFA minigames, Madden Gauntlet or Madden NFL Mobile are a nice reminder of those old days of glory, but it's not the same . And the saddest thing is that the arcade subgenre fulfilled an important function that perhaps some publishers ignored: evangelization. No, not that involving a nice guy in a suit standing in a corner wondering if you have a minute for Jesus, but the one that taught new generations to enjoy very complex sports like
 L baseball or football, a discipline that, by the way, wages a constant battle against its own difficulty; So it is that in the United States the league even seeks to incorporate American football in school programs, in order not to lose the war against the generational gap. The sub-genre arcade played an important role that perhaps some publishers ignored: evangelization I remember the first Time I played NFL Quarterback Club. I did not understand a demon of the plays, but NFL Street was something else
... there were fewer players and the presentation was simpler. It was a more accessible game that allowed me and surely, to many others, embark on football with more indulgence and a kind learning curve. The current landscape does not lend itself to thinking of the massive return of arcade sports games to consoles, unless independent developers continue to have interesting ideas that require less budget and less profit. The most sensible, for the moment, is to think that arcadia games will live on the mobiles from now on and maybe ... just maybe, let's see each other in console from time to time.
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